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What to Consider When Selecting a Wheelchair Ramp

There are many different points to take into consideration when installing a wheelchair ramp to your home's entry way. The first is whether this will be a permanent or portable wheelchair ramp. This decision can easily be made by assessing the home owner's current and future needs and requirements.

Another consideration is the degree of incline on the ramp.For home owners faced with space limitations, it may not always be feasible to build the longest wheelchair ramp possible at the smallest incline. There are some basic guidelines for the installer to follow regarding the maximum incline that can be safely incorporated into a wheelchair ramp.

It is also important to consider the weight specifications for the wheelchair ramp to accommodate. The list of factors that go into selecting the right wheelchair ramp for your home are extensive. A professional can help you to identify your needs and find the right ramp based on each situation.

Aluminum vs. Wooden Wheelchair Ramps

When selecting a wheelchair ramp for your home you need to determine whether you are in the market for an aluminum or a wooden ramp.

Aluminum ramps are strong and light-weight. However, this route can be more costly. Trying to cut corners by using a thinner aluminum material will result in a ramp that is too flexible, which may bend or wobble under any weight. Additionally, untextured aluminum can be very slippery. If you do choose to go this route be sure to select a ramp that is made with a textured aluminum to prevent slipping.

Wood ramps can add more aesthetic appeal to the outside of a home. Wood ramps can be the most economical solution, but this does come with some amount of ongoing maintenance cost. The wood must be protected with a sealer or varnish to prevent rotting and warping. Similar to the aluminum ramps, traction and slipping is a concern, adding a non-slip protection to the wood can prevent this.


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