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Do it Yourself - Famous Last Words

...“You can’t trust most contractors; they just want to rip you off.” Every homeowner has had an experience with some type of contractor that left a very bad taste. They show up late (if at all), track mud in your house, never have the parts they need, park on your lawn, leave trash in the driveway, try to sell something you don’t need, use your bathroom without asking and light up cigarettes in your house. The list goes on.

I spoke with one of Hire it Done’s pre-screened licensed and insured contractors Keith Paul, owner of HandyPro Handyman Services in Plymouth, Michigan. In his 19 years of running HandyPro, he’s seen it all. “We get called in on projects at every stage; from the time a project is just being conceived, to rescuing a homeowner from a failed attempt. We understand that ambition, experience and time don’t always come together as planned.”

I know that HandyPro staffs only experienced professionals, all covered with the proper licensing and insurance.... Read More

Keith A. Paul Awarded by Corp Magazine

Keith A. Paul Awarded by Corp Magazine June 2014, Entrepreneur of Distinction.  Recognition for the needed stamina, creative insight, and forward thinking to establish and maintain a successful organization.

Rick Bloom Asset Management on Home Modifications

With the aging of our society, more people are trying to figure out ways to remain in their homes as they age rather than selling it and moving to an assisted living facility. We talk with Robert Gurinowitsch, the Chief Operating Officer for HandyPro, a national senior home modification and handyman services company headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, to find out more about what seniors need to know regarding modifying their homes as they age.

Q. After years of living in their homes, it seems senior citizens are trying to remain in them even as they may become more disabled. Is that a trend you are seeing?

A. Absolutely. More than 10,000 Baby Boomers reach retirement age every day, so the idea of being able to remain in the home they love after they retire is strong... Read More


HandyPro named top franchise

HandyPro, a national handyman service and senior home modification franchise company headquartered in Plymouth, has recently been named as the number one Handyman Service business in Entrepreneur magazine’s 35th annual “Franchise 500,” which ranked the top franchise companies for 2013.

In addition, Home Business Magazine also named HandyPro as one of 50 “Trendy” home-based businesses.

This is the second time HandyPro was honored with a “Franchise 500” ranking from Entrepreneur magazine, which recognizes growth-oriented franchises. For its ranking list, Entrepreneur’s editorial panel looks at the franchises financial strength and stability, size of the franchise system and growth rate... Read More

HandyPro CEO got a lesson in success while working other jobs
Frank Witsil

Sometimes, Keith Paul said, the best preparation for business success comes from not succeeding in the beginning.

Paul, the CEO of Plymouth-based HandyPro, operates an expanding company that offers handyman outlets. It now it has 31 franchises in 13 states — and he’s hoping to take the business global.

He said a key driver for the demand for handyman services these days is that thousands of baby boomers are aging, and rather than move into a nursing home, it costs less to modify their homes so that they can stay in them.

“There’s such a need for this around the world, not only in the United States,” he said.

Still, Paul said, his success now has a lot to do with what he learned working other jobs, including when he bought his first business, a pizzeria, which he ended up selling for no profit... Read More

Precautions let aging parents stay in the home
Glenn Haege

For many baby boomers, the empty nest can become full again if Mom or Dad has to move in because they can’t live on their own anymore. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make sure they can age in place safely and comfortably.

“The majority of falls for seniors happen in the bathroom, so that is the most important area of the home to ensure is safe,” said Robert Gurinowitsch, senior environmental modification specialist with HandyPro, (800) 942-6394, www.handypro.com. “Putting up grab bars and traction strips in the tub or shower can give seniors the support and safety they need,” he said. “We even change the door swing on bathroom doors so they swing out, which ensures you don’t hit Mom or Dad with the door if they do fall on the floor in the bathroom and you need to get in to help them,” he added. Gurinowitsch also said...
Read More


Handyman Service Adds Mobile Technology to Its Tool Belt

Michelle Gilbert

Specializing in home modifications for seniors, HandyPro, based in Plymouth, Mich., has 28 franchises that provide professional handyman services to residential and corporate customers nationwide. As of recently, the handymen and women at HandyPro have added another tool to their belt: 4G LTE tablets... Read More



It pays to be handy: Fix-it company builds its franchise numbers

Sherri Welch

After growing slowly its first 18 years, HandyPro International LLC has more than doubled its U.S. franchisees to 30 over the past year and a half, and it's not done growing yet... Read More


Number of seniors modifying homes on the rise

Glenn Haege

Aging in place is a topic that becomes more important as our population skews older. Recent statistics from an AARP study indicate that 80 percent of those older than 45 want to remain in their homes as they age, even if they need assistance to do so... Read More






Number of seniors modifying homes on the rise
Glenn Haege

Aging in place is a topic that becomes more important as our population skews older. Recent statistics from an AARP study indicate that 80 percent of those older than 45 want to remain in their homes as they age, even if they need assistance to do so. That's why we are seeing more and more seniors modifying their homes. Home modifications today come in two categories...Read More


They're Helping Keep Senior Citizens at Home
Bob Williams

Many people are, or will be soon, making age-related decisions for themselves or an aging family member. Outside of health concerns, housing is often the most challenging consideration.  John Hoppa, Jason Roberts, and Lee Rider are three Gwinnett County residents who recently started a HandyPro franchise that specializes in home modifications for seniors, and serves Suwanee. Roberts and Rider are also residential real-estate appraisers.
Accessibility and safety issues can quickly become a concern for those who are ill or disabled. Many seniors may feel that home modifications are too expensive. But often
... Read More


"I've Never Had a Dishwasher!"
Aired on Rachael Ray

Holly estimates that her mother Kay, who has spent 57 years without a dishwasher, has washed about half a million dishes in her lifetime. Kay admits that she spends an hour to an hour and a half each day doing dishes, and that her dream of owning a dishwasher was supposed to come true when she met her husband Charlie. "I figured once we got married ... doesn't everybody have a dishwasher?" she asks. ... Read More


Can power factor correction devices lower your electric bill?
Keith A. Paul

The unit is essentially made up of capacitors that are hooked up to a circuit panel and claim to reduce the power generated from your utility company. Although there are other units for commercial and industrial usage, we only researched the claims for the residential. They are said to reduce the amount of power by storing electricity otherwise lost from the motors in your home such as washing machines, furnace blower motors, refrigerators and air conditioners. The cost for the unit is approximately $300, plus installation...Read More
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Coming in handy
Brad Kadrich

Back in the mid-1990s, Keith and Debra Paul watched as Debra's grandmother suffered through being ripped off by a contractor.
After that experience, the Pauls began a referral service, finding contractors mostly for people who needed things done around the house.
When demand for that grew to be too much, they took the next step: They started their own company and, in 1996, HandyPro Handyman Services was born.  "We had so many calls for handymen, we couldn't find enough," said Keith Paul.
Today, after 10 years in business, the company has 13 handymen working at its Plymouth office, and hopes to add even more
...Read More


Handyman business nails service, quality
Maureen McDonald

Providing a cadre of handymen who arrive when they say they will and do what they are asked to do at a fair price may not sound revolutionary, but it has been the secret to success for HandyPro.
The Plymouth-based service company is recording $1.2 million in annual sales, including its five franchises. The owners are aiming for 100 stores in the next decade.
“The biggest frustration customers told us was that contractors came late, even a day later than they said they would come,” said co-owner Keith Paul, whose company has serviced over 15,000 homeowners in southeast Michigan
...Read More




Handyman fixes 'hurry up and wait' problem
By Joe Gagnon Appliance Doctor

I wonder how many men in this country are married to Martha Stewart? I know I am, and with great pride, as I see all of the talents that Valorie possesses.
Recently she decided to renovate the lower level man's bathroom in the house and seeing as how I'm the only guy in the house, it's mine. She pulls the medicine cabinet out of the wall and wants the hole filled in with a piece of drywall, then she can't get the wall-paper off behind the toilet so she removes the toilet itself. Guess what folks, I'm getting a new toilet...Read More


Home repair company adds business clients
Maureen McDonald

The 13-person staff of HandyPro Handyman Service Inc. is pounding on new doors as the Plymouth-based firm increases its commercial outreach to paint a steady profit picture, according to co-owner, Keith Paul.
"We've moved our firm in the direction of demand. Retailers and business owners have a difficult time finding reliable, licensed, insured handymen for their small projects," Paul said as he ramps up HandyPro Facility Services. "We respond. We show up when we say we will or we give a $30 discount on repairs...Read More








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Aging in place is a topic that becomes more important as our population skews older. Recent statistics from an AARP study indicate that 80 percent of those older than 45 want to remain in their homes